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Asuka - @ 25 DVDs (DVD-VIDEO, Eng subs) $100.00
FIGHT - @ 27 DVDs (DVD-VIDEO, Eng subs) $100.00
Kaze no Haruka -  @ 26 DVDs (DVD-ISO, Eng subs) $100.00
Junjo Kirari -  @ 26 DVDs (DVD-ISO, Eng subs) $100.00
Dondo Hare -  @ 22 DVD+DL (DVD-VIDEO, Eng subs) $100.00
Hitomi - @ 16 DVD+DL (DVD-ISO, Eng subs) $100.00
Oshin - @ 30 DVD+DL (DVD-VIDEO, Eng subs) $250.00
  • DVD-ISO - Requires DVD player that can read DivX discs

  • DVD-VIDEO - Can be played on a stand-alone DVD player

  • DVD+DL - DVD dual-layer media (otherwise, DVD single-layer discs are used)


NBA Basketball - Magic Johnson "A Midsummer Night's Magic II" (1987, Prime Ticket TV capture)
  • Features Spud Webb's slam dunking, and Reggie Miller (was just drafted by the Indiana Pacers earlier)
  • $25.00
    University of Hawaii Basketball - 1990 Rainbow Classic - UH vs Pittsburgh (1990, Final Game)
  • UH are the tournament champions for first time in over 15 years, and beat #11 Pittsburgh to do so.
  • $25.00
    University of Hawaii Basketball - 1994 NCAA Division I Tournament, 1st Round - Hawaii vs Syracuse
  • Features Trevor Ruffin. Satellite broadcast was lousy, so there's spurts of video loss throughout.
  • $25.00
    NBA Basketball - 1988 NBA All-Star Game $25.00
    NBA Basketball - 1988 NBA All-Star Weekend - Legends Classic
  • Very exciting last-second 3-point shot!
  • $25.00
    NBA Basketball - 1994 FIBA World Championship - Round 2, Group A - United States vs Russia
  • First of two meetings by these two teams in the tournament.
  • $25.00
    University of Hawaii Football - 1990 UH vs Brigham Young University (BYU)
  • Heisman winner Ty Detmer and nationally ranked #4 BYU seek revenge from their loss to UH the previous year.
  • $25.00
    University of Hawaii Football - 2004 UH vs Louisiana Tech
  • In this game, Timmy Chang breaks Ty Detmer's NCAA record 15,031 yards passing, and Cliff Kingsbury's record 1,231 career completions.
  • $25.00

    Projects as of 2012 March 18

    NOTE: Unless identified as RAW, all projects below include English subtitles, and are saved onto DVD writable media.

    TV Captures in Progress

    Iitabi Yumekibun (TV Tokyo) - TV capture, with English subtitles. (episodes in Hawaii are about one year and four months delayed.)

    Ikkyusan (TV Asahi) - All 296 episodes are now complete. More info here

    Carnation (NHK) - TV capture, with English subtitles, currently at episode 80.

    Hancho 1-3 - TV capture, with English subtitles, COMPLETE!

    Hancho 4 - TV capture, with English subtitles, currently at episode 6.

    NHK WORLD Recordings:

    Tomohiro's Railway Tour of China (NHK) - Complete! I'm capturing to both SDTV and 1280x720 HDTV.

    Your Japanese Kitchen (NHK) - TV capture, with Spoken English. Harumi Kurihara cooks simple Japanese dishes. I'm capturing to 1280x720 HDTV.

    Tokyo Eye (NHK) - TV capture, with Spoken English. I just started recording this series, starting with the Nikko series, because I'm planning a trip to Tokyo in Spring 2011. I'm capturing to 1280x720 HDTV.


    I've archived my VHS tapes to DVD, complete with TBC correction. Each DVD is USD$5.00, to help pay for the media and equipment used to archive the recordings. I'm also willing to trade for other events, in DVD or VHS format. Unless mentioned otherwise, I've left the commercials on the recordings, so you can get a chance to see all the old national and local (Hawaii) commercials from the past. Only PayPal payments are acceptable. DM me at Twitter to my username "groinksan", and I'll reply with a price quotation.


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